Orange Otter Audio offers the creative audio service of songwriter, composer, and multi instrumentalist Clint Niosi. Developed originally for his own film score and album work he has expanded to providing remote and on location services to artists, directors and engineers across the country.




It’s no secret that music is an incredibly powerful tool for storytelling. At its most tasteful delivery in film a score will alter the tone and mood of a scene while remaining unobtrusive. An appropriate score will tap into the emotional core of a film and serve the story above all else. Over the years I’ve worked with a variety of directors on drastically different projects from original music for live theatre, short and feature length motion pictures, or music for gallery and museum installations.


I began recording on a Fostex four track tape recorder in 1996. Over the past twenty years my interest in music and recording has lead me many interesting places. I’ve recorded music in world class recording facilities as well as smaller project studios or live on location . I’ve also configured two mixing studios for the UTA Art + Art History Department.

Every recording project is different. I love seeking out the right location, gear and microphone placement. I’m always experimenting and pushing the limits of what I can capture sonically.


Mixing is perhaps my favorite step in the process. This is where we bring your raw tracks to life. Whether we are replicating a live experience or drastically manipulating the original source, mixing is as much an art as it is an exacting science. I believe that the studio is an instrument of creativity. We can use that instrument to create a mix that is tasteful, memorable and presents your project at its very best.


Mastering is an often misunderstood and undervalued part of the recording process. Mastering is the last step in creating an album. Each mixed track receives final eq, compression and limiting before it is ready for commercial release. Think of it as the last bit of polish on the tracks before you share them with the world. Great mastering will make your final recording the best that it can be.


Orange Otter Audio is a modern digital recording studio with up to 18 inputs and limitless overdubs. Available for studio rental or on location recording.  

Featuring a Tascam 388 for analog 8 track recording as well as various cassette multi track recorders.


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